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Face2Face (F2F)

In Requia Online, in addition to the friend lists, there is also the possibility to carry out duels, co-op as well as trade with a friend in the immediate vicinity. To start the F2F mode you have the following options:



When you select an elite monster or a group of monsters on the map, you get the opportunity to do so in coop by tapping the coop button.


When you tap on the NPC titled „Duel“ in Tamaree, you have the option to start a duel with another player.


When you tap on the NPC with the title „Trade“ in the city of Tamaree, you will have the opportunity to trade cards with another player.

Direct trading is only possible via Face2Face (F2F) and not via friends lists - this is for the simple reason that it prevents the third-party market, but you still have the possibility to trade cards with your close friends.

The multiplayer screen

Once the multiplayer screen opens, you have the option to tap „Invite“ or „Join“.

One player must now select „Invite“ with his device, the other „Join“.

The player who selects „Invite“ will have QR barcodes appear in quick succession. These must be read by the other player with the device. To do this, the player must select „Join“ and grant access to the camera. After that, you can hold the camera on the other device’s screen to read the barcodes. After that, you will be automatically connected to that player and you are ready to go.

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