Requia Online - version history

Current version information

2021/09/21 - v2021.1f2 - In Review

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a critical issue which showed a black screen right after opening the game where the device system language was set other than English or German

2021/09/21 - Interlude - v2021.1f1 - Online

  • [NEW] Dungeons
  • [NEW] New dynamic event/reward system
  • [NEW] World buffs
  • [NEW] Over 70 new ability cards
  • [NEW] New item and equipment cards
  • [NEW] All quest and card texts are translated to english. Some card texts got improved.
  • [CHANGE] Minor graphical UI enhancements
  • [CHANGE] Performance on world map has been improved
  • [CHANGE] You get more daily crystals for arena fights
  • [BALANCE] The effect of healing spells got slightly increased
  • [BALANCE] The damage of arial magic attack spells got slightly decreased
  • [BALANCE] The effect of taunt got highly increased
  • [BALANCE] Boss jewelry is now unique
  • [BUGFIX] A small display glitch was fixed in the reward window
  • [BUGFIX] An issue with entering amounts and prices in the auction house on iOS devices got fixed
  • [BUGFIX] Normal duels did count as arena quests on the client which could lead to a cheating detection. This issue was resolved.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed critical issue which could lead to wrong card effect values during battles.

Known issues (general)

  • none known at present :muscle:

Known issues (iOS)

  • none known at present :muscle:

Known issues (Android)

  • On some devices there can be small graphical glitches with mirroring images in the background.
  • If you encounter performance issues with older devices you can try the Low Res mode - it limits to 30FPS and reduces resolution by half.

Supported hardware

Apple: All iOS devices with iOS v11.2 or higher (min. 1 GB RAM)

  • iPhones 5s or higher
  • iPad mini 2 or higher
  • iPad Air or higher
  • iPad (5. Generation) or higher
  • iPad Pro or higher

Android: All Android devices from Android 6.0 or higher (min. 1GB RAM)

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