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2022/05/06 v2022.1f5 - Live

  • [BALANCE] Immunity is now corrected so that it only prevents incoming damage, while Sanctus and Water bubble will prevent any kind of attack
  • [BALANCE] Sleep duration on players is now halved
  • [BUGFIX] The yellowish tint on grouped monsters has been removed
  • [BUGFIX] A bug has been fixed that font sizes after last optimisation patch did sometimes cut off texts on cards
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a graphical glitch in deck manager
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that the card values on the battle slots of your fellow in coop mode did not update correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that in rare situations the cards won’t get shuffled anymore

2022/02/05 v2022.1f4 - Live

  • [NEW] Several smaller performance improvements (especially noticeable on older Android devices)
  • [NEW] Improved network engine in order to prevent some rare time sync issues as well as finally adding full IPv6 support
  • [CHANGE] You don’t loose a life anymore when accepting an arena match during a monster battle
  • [BALANCE] Evasion get’s a diminishing return. For each consecutive evasion, you will receive a debuff (fatigue) of 30 seconds halving your evasion chance. Once you get hit, the debuff is removed.
  • [BALANCE] Magic resists have been removed completely, instead resistances will now also affect the duration of magical effects.
    This balance changes will make the battles less luck based, by still keeping Accuracy/Evasion/Resistances an important attribute :+1:
  • [BUGFIX] Auctionhouse is not showing a second empty row anymore when all 7 AH slots are used
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that the arena is still accessible between seasons
  • [BUGFIX] Game won’t ask for camera access when doing multiplayer in linked mode

2022/01/25 v2022.1f3 - Live

  • [NEW] The deck manager now shows more detailed stats about your deck cards and its element requirements
  • [NEW] IPv6 connection support for foreign countries
  • [CHANGE] Updating game engine to latest version
  • [CHANGE] Resource cards are now sorted better
  • [CHANGE] Arena acceptance time has been increased to 60 seconds
  • [CHANGE] The dungeon stars have been adjusted to the different difficulty levels
  • [BALANCE] DOT’s will now cancel sleep and invisible effects
  • [BALANCE] Fellows evasion and accuracy stat will now also increase with Solidarity
  • [BUGFIX] Item cards which cannot be acquired yet have been removed from knowledge
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed MaxHP Dungeon Buff which did not work as expected
  • [BUGFIX] Summoned Stats and Coop Avatar stats windows where not shown in correct positions
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed several localization texts
  • [BUGFIX] Avoid that sell values can be zero on low value cards

2022/01/10 v2022.1f2

  • [CHANGE] The max. waiting time for players in the arena matching with an opponent of a rank not within +/- 5 has been decreased to 2 minutes
  • [BUGFIX] Custom avatars will now be shown in Arena season ranking window
  • [BUGFIX] Saved slot locks will now work from beginning and not only if you set them during combat

2022/01/09 - Server hotfix

  • [CHANGE] The max. waiting time for players in the arena matching with an opponent of a rank not within +/- 5 has been decreased to 3 minutes
  • [BUGFIX] An issues has been fixed with the rewards in the trainings dungeon (Bearbeitet)

2022/01/XX v2022.1f1

  • [NEW] Seasonal pvp system
  • [NEW] Trainings Dungeon in start area
  • [NEW] You will now be notified on startup if you have received special rewards (e.g. custom event rewards etc.)
  • [CHANGE] Some tutorial quests got adjusted
  • [CHANGE] Buffs/debuffs on fellows will now be ignored if they are not related to the fellow type
  • [CHANGE] If a coop player is dying in battle the avatar panel will be greyed out and you can’t mistakenly put cards on it anymore
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an display issue which could lead to wrong stats of a summoned fellow
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed several small quirks with the event system
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that when a player is in shock he was still be able to use cards on the card trail
  • [BUGFIX] Sell values of cards which are enchanted got fixed (currently enchanted cards had the same sell value as a non enchanted card)
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in tutorial

2021/12/10 v2021.1f19

  • [NEW] You can now also link cards in chat from the auction house
  • [NEW] You can now see the current stats of a summoned fellow during battle
  • [NEW] You can now lock/unlock battle slots
  • [CHANGE] Cleaned up chat messages
  • [CHANGE] Stat effects will now be correctly limited to 12 for avatars/monsters and 10 for fellows. MAXHP and passive effects won’t get removed if overriden by other stats/buffs/debuffs - everything else will leave in favor of the newer stat/buff/debuff. You will now also be able to see all 10 icons on fellows.
  • [CHANGE] In PvP/Coop mode active cards of the other players do not flicker anymore
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where fellows would loose passives (defender status etc.) if more than 5 buffs/debuffs are active on a fellow
  • [BUGFIX] Issues with the chat wheel button not correctly indicating new chat messages has been fixed

2021/11/29 v2021.1f18

  • [CHANGE] You can now also increase knowledge of monsters in the knowledge screen
  • [BUGFIX] In the knowledge screen the monsters will now show the knowledge infos again
  • [BUGFIX] In the knowledge screen of recipes, copied cards will now show an example of the correct rarity grade
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue on iOS that the device light/dark theme is not affecting game visuals anymore

2021/11/28 v2021.1f17

  • [NEW] Global announcements and system messages in chat (e.g. weekly event winners & player enchantings success > 7 (Card level III, IV, V)…
  • [NEW] You can now use :gem: to double up success chance and half price when enchanting cards (see enchanting guide for details)
  • [NEW] You can increase monster knowledge with :gem:
  • [NEW] The visual effects of buffs/debuffs will now be visible on all target entities they affect and not just on the one you targeted
  • [NEW] A few new tasks for the event system have been added
  • [NEW] Help screen for event system
  • [CHANGE] Multiple reflect/drain effects on a target will not get ignored anymore and add up but with diminishing return
  • [CHANGE] You will now be able to see more than only the last 6 active world buffs on the map
  • [CHANGE] Enchanted cards will now show the same base price as taken back from the npc
  • [CHANGE] Ghouta got a new ability „Cleanse“
  • [CHANGE] Improved network reconnection logic
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed some minor tutorial glitches
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a small graphical glitch when using filters and enlarging cards
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed mystic island to do trample damage
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a graphical glitch in the entry screen
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed some localised texts
  • [BUGFIX] Worldbuffs of the same type with a higher level will now override the other world buff
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue with passive abilities of fellows not working on newly spawned monsters
  • [BUGFIX] A problem was fixed that monsters in dungeons did not increase knowledge
  • [BUGFIX] Changes to loading sequence in hope to help against some rare Android issues while loading files

2021/11/07 v2021.1f16

  • [NEW] New Level I & II world buff rewards for Hard and Insane Dungeon variant (lvl 0 world buffs got decreased in its effect, higher level world buff increased)
  • [NEW] Filtering for a specific element on the ability cards will now also show the multi element cards if it contains this element
  • [CHANGE] World buffs are no longer bound item cards
  • [CHANGE] Fellow ability cards can now also be cast on an ally
  • [BALANCE] The element cost of Aura of wings and Wings got increased by 1.
  • [BUGFIX] If a monster dies during the use of an ability, it could happen that the sound effect was never stopping
  • [BUGFIX] The fellow „Chucklet“ dit not ignore the defense of the enemy even if he should
  • [BUGFIX] Day/Night indicator was not handling winter time correctly
  • [BUGFIX] A problem was fixed that knowledge increase and kill counters etc. were not correctly counted on client
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that after dungeon stage change a defender fellow was loosing the aggro until he was attacking again
  • [BUGFIX] When using a world buff you will now immediately see the changed stats in the equipment screen

2021/10/31 v2021.1f15

  • [NEW] Enabling first solo dungeon
  • [NEW] You will now see on map when it’s day or night
  • [NEW] A few new sound effects have been added
  • [NEW] A new music has been added (dungeon)
  • [CHANGE] Monster cards in knowledge screen will now turn around once you first fight against them and not once defeated (in order to keep win/loss stats correct)
  • [CHANGE] Switched network connection to use default web ports
  • [BALANCE] Fog of death got its damage over time increased
  • [BALANCE] The cost of Wall of fire has been corrected to 2
  • [BUGFIX] Special monster effects which should not be avoidable like Rage, Help etc. were not recast after they got interrupted - this is now fixed!
  • [BUGFIX] Special monster effects (platform turns red) are not delay-able anymore
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a rare display error in event rankings window
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a rare case where finishing a 100% craft immediately after completing could result in a failure
  • [BUGFIX] If ability cards give positive effects when hitting an enemy, you won’t receive those effects anymore if the card gets resisted (e.g. Evil Kiss)
  • [BUGFIX] Flying creatures/fellows were always missing other flying creatures (physical) - this has been fixed

2021/10/21 v2021.1f13

  • [BALANCE] Winged death & Cerberus got it’s cost corrected to 6 (3/3), Lyra’s cost have been raised by 1 to 3 Air, 2 Dark
  • [BUGFIX] An issues has been fixed that in rare cases a player could get disconnected due to slowing down enemies in battles (Bearbeitet)

2021/10/20 - v2021.1f12

  • [NEW] You will now be asked if you really want to cancel a battle when pressing the abort button
  • [CHANGE] You are now able to view the avatar’s panel during battles while interrupted (sleep/shock/stun)
  • [CHANGE] Improved some tooltips
  • [BALANCE] The DoT effect from Searing Heat and Fog of death got slightly decreased
  • [BALANCE] The effect of Freeze and Slow got decreased
  • [BALANCE] The cost of all pure element rings have been raised by 1
  • [BALANCE] The cost of „Ring of sleep“ and „Ring of frost“ have been raised by 1
  • [BALANCE] The cost of Dahurias has been raised by 1
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed Drain DoT displaying with a % instead of a number
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed correct saving of equipment when joining an arena battle directly from the equipment screen
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed missing Umlaute in Quest Texts due to tiny cutoffs in top area
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a rare issue that could cause a cheating detection in battles when lag is involved
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue with FriendList link icon
  • [BUGFIX] Some missing english translations in quests have been added
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent using a magic ability card in coop directly on your allied fellows causing a cheating detection

2021/10/13 - v2021.1f11

  • [NEW] Added new tooltips (link icon, grey quests and bonus items)
  • [NEW] Added a new hand animation for tutorial when editing your first deck
  • [NEW] A visible effect for taunt has been added
  • [NEW] More Deck Slots (from 9 to 18)
  • [BALANCE] Silence effects from fellows have been reduced to 5s
  • [BALANCE] Silence & Sleep & Blind effects cannot be refreshed anymore
  • [BALANCE] Sleep effect has been reduced to 30s
  • [BALANCE] Monster/Summons under the effect of Fellows ban, cannot get attacked anymore
  • [CHANGE] All summons can now act independently from your character
  • [CHANGE] Cards text on enlarged cards will now resize itself to make it better visible and fix text cutoffs
  • [CHANGE] Improved resistances visibility with colors
  • [CHANGE] Improved some quest texts.
  • [CHANGE] Zoom sensitivity on map got reduced
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed several issues with FriendList connections between players
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a small display animation bug when completing event tasks with 50 event points
  • [BUGFIX] A rare problem was fixed that could lead to non turnable cards after a reconnect

2021/10/08 - Server Update

  • [BUGFIX] Hallow’s cleanse does not clean the player out of the server anymore :wink:

2021/10/07 - Server Update

  • [CHANGE] Respawn rate of Hallow got increased
  • [CHANGE] Baby Hallow is now a bound item
  • [BUGFIX] A problem was fixed that increasing a bid in the AH could lead to a cheating detection
  • [BUGFIX] A few cases of false cheating detection due to lag during combat were fixed

2021/10/05 - Server Update

  • [NEW] Halloween event is starting
  • [CHANGE] New players get a ATKSPD+15% Worldbuff for 1 week
  • [BUGFIX] Some texts have been corrected
  • [BUGFIX] An issue with the auction house was fixed that caused a cheating detection under specific conditions

2021/10/02 - v2021.1f10

  • [CHANGE] AH now showing a loading screen while retrieving items instead of an empty AH
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue on iOS when selling more than 1 item of the same type in Auction house
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue when starting a craft with a high amount of lag involved causing in rare cases a cheating detection
  • [BUGFIX] A small localisation error in english version has been fixed (Laevola was asking for Small elixir of shadow instead of clarity!)
  • [BUGFIX] There was a text error when whispering to someone, where it showed your own name

2021/10/01 - v2021.1f9

  • [NEW] You can now also link cards in chat when whispering to someone and whispers will now show user icon and timestamp
  • [CHANGE] The base card speed moving on the trail in battle has been increased by 20%
  • [CHANGE] Monster DPS slightly increased to accommodate the change in base speed
  • [CHANGE] A few non-relevant informations have been removed from the tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] The new auto reconnect feature for the chat was sometimes causing an endless reconnect loop - this is now fixed!

2021/09/30 - v2021.1f7

  • [CHANGE] More event rewards! [BUGFIX] A rare display issue was fixed when opening card packs only showed 2 cards when there is a high amount of lag involved (now really!)

2021/09/30 - Server update

  • [BUGFIX] All fellow ability cards which you can use on a monster, are now allowed to be dropped on allied monsters too

2021/09/30 v2021.1f6

  • [CHANGE] Aborted event-tasks will now get replaced with a new random task
  • [CHANGE] Event task points and rewards got adjusted
  • [BUGFIX] Long event task names will now display correctly
  • [BUGFIX] Removed link icon of monster groups which are only for quests
  • [BUGFIX] Added some missing translations in Recipes
  • [BUGFIX] Bought cards from the Auctionhouse can now be used without relogging

2021/09/27 v2021.1f5

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue, that event tasks were blocking normal quests of the same type

2021/09/26 v2021.1f4

  • [BUGFIX] Several rare cases have been fixed which could lead to a false cheating detection when there is a high amount of lag involved
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where the event task counter was showing an X on completed tasks
  • [ENHANCED] The Chat will now try to stay connected and also reconnect in case of disconnection
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a display issue in event window which could show the wrong avatar icons of a player
  • [BUGFIX] The sensitivity when scrolling in the dialog scenes on some devices should be better now
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that showed the remaining time until you get a new life in some situations incorrectly
  • [BUGFIX] An issue was fixed when opening card packs when there is a high amount of lag involved

2021/09/23 - v2021.1f3

  • [BUGFIX] Language settings are not correctly saved
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a rare issue in chat when linking a card
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a few reported tiny localisation text issues
  • [BUGFIX] Added support for devices with non gregorian calendars
  • [BUGFIX] Some other minor tweaks
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent clearing a deck by holding down the deck button without an open deck

2021/09/21 - v2021.1f2

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a critical issue which showed a black screen right after opening the game where the device system language was set other than English or German

2021/09/21 - Interlude - v2021.1f1

  • [NEW] Dungeons
  • [NEW] New dynamic event/reward system
  • [NEW] World buffs
  • [NEW] Over 70 new ability cards
  • [NEW] New item and equipment cards
  • [NEW] All quest and card texts are translated to english. Some card texts got improved.
  • [CHANGE] Minor graphical UI enhancements
  • [CHANGE] Performance on world map has been improved
  • [CHANGE] You get more daily crystals for arena fights
  • [BALANCE] The effect of healing spells got slightly increased
  • [BALANCE] The damage of arial magic attack spells got slightly decreased
  • [BALANCE] The effect of taunt got highly increased
  • [BALANCE] Boss jewelry is now unique
  • [BUGFIX] A small display glitch was fixed in the reward window
  • [BUGFIX] An issue with entering amounts and prices in the auction house on iOS devices got fixed
  • [BUGFIX] Normal duels did count as arena quests on the client which could lead to a cheating detection. This issue was resolved.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed critical issue which could lead to wrong card effect values during battles.

Known issues (general)

  • none known at present :muscle:

Known issues (iOS)

  • none known at present :muscle:

Known issues (Android)

  • On some devices there can be small graphical glitches with mirroring images in the background.
  • If you encounter performance issues with older devices you can try the Low Res mode - it limits to 30FPS and reduces resolution by half.

Supported hardware

Apple: All iOS devices with iOS v11.2 or higher (min. 1 GB RAM)

  • iPhones 5s or higher
  • iPad mini 2 or higher
  • iPad Air or higher
  • iPad (5. Generation) or higher
  • iPad Pro or higher

Android: All Android devices from Android 6.0 or higher (min. 1GB RAM)

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