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Dungeons are a special game mode that allows you to perform several fights in a row without pausing. You fight your way through several stages until you reach the end of the dungeon.

In the dungeons there are also 3 difficulty modes (Normal/Hard/Insane). A higher difficulty level gives significantly more rewards.

Course of the dungeon

Once a battle is over, the card path is paused and the rest of the screen remains as well (fellows, buffs, etc.). The player then has 3 options to continue before entering the next level of the dungeon:

Rest Heals you by 100 life points
Treasure Open a chest and you will receive loot such as coins, world buffs and raw materials depending on the stage you are currently in
Power Up You get the shown buff (see Power Ups below) until the end of the dungeon

Power Ups

Symbol Attribute Level I Level II Level III
Accuracy +10% +20% +30%
Attack +2 +4 +6
Attack speed +10% +20% +30%
Critical chance +10% +20% +30%
Defense +2 +4 +6
Evasion +10% +20% +30%
Magic attack +2 +4 +6
Max hit points +30 +60 +90
Magic resistance +10% +20% +30%

Difficulty levels

If you manage to get to the last level of the dungeon and defeat the final boss, you will get the reward for the dungeon and automatically unlock the next difficulty level.

On Hard difficulty, monsters not only have double health, but also 50% faster attack speed, double attack power + defense, +15% on all attributes (ACC/CRIT/EVA/RES)!

On Insane difficulty, monsters have 100% faster attack speed, triple attack power + defense, +30% on all attributes (ACC/CRIT/EVA/RES)!

Other information

  • You can pause during stage changes once the 3 choices appear, as long as you remain connected (however, depending on your mobile phone type, you may lose connection when switching to other apps).
  • All fellows and buffs are retained during the stage change, but timers on buffs continue to run.
  • Fellows that have already been used cannot be used again
  • Upon successful completion of a dungeon, it has a respawn time of 1h until you can enter it again

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