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Effects & Companion attributes

In Requia Online there are countless effects and statuses that significantly influence the player, the monsters, as well as the companions.

Cards & Monster effects

silence Silence The target can no longer perform magic attacks. The cast process is interrupted.
stun Stun The target is interrupted and is incapable of action. For players, the cards also stop.
shock Shock The target is interrupted and is incapable of action. For players, the cards also stop and are turned around as well as get shuffled.
frost Freeze The target is slowed down considerably.
slow Slow The target is slowed down.
blind Blind The target becomes blind. The chance of a hit is zero. Players also have their cards turned around.
invisible Invisible The target becomes invisible as long as it does not perform any more actions. Cannot be hit during this time.
reflect Mirror The target reflects some of the actual damage inflicted back at the attacker.
drain Drain The target receives some of the actual damage inflicted as hit points.
sleep Sleep The target is interrupted and can no longer perform actions. For players, the cards remain standing. If the target is attacked, this effect breaks.
root Root The target can no longer move and thus cannot perform physical attacks. Also, the attack speed is lowered and power/elements cannot be used.
wings Wings The target can no longer be hit by physical attacks.
bleed Bleed The target bleeds and loses hit points continuously.
poison_burn Poison The target is poisoned and continuously loses hit points.
poison_burn Burn The target burns and continuously loses hit points.
immune Immunity The target is immune to any kind of damage.
immuneonce Barrier The target is immune to the next damage.
regeneration Regeneration The target continuously regenerates hit points.
vulnerable Vulnerable The target’s defense value drops to 0.
thrust Thrust The target ignores the opponent’s defense value when attacking.
trap Trap The target is Interrupted. Monsters & companions can no longer attack. Cannot be applied to players.
defender Defender Targets with this effect must be attacked first.
explosion Explosive The target explodes after its death, dealing damage to everyone.

Comanion attributes

accurate Accurate Increasd accuracy (+20).
critical Critical Increased critical chance (+20).
defender Defender Only this target can be attacked.
evasive Evasive Increased evasion (+20).
wings Flying Can no longer get attacked by physical attacks.
instant Instant Summoned instantly.
group Trample Area damage.
unforseen Erratic Attacks are highly variable in the amount of damage.
quick Quick Increased attack speed.
resall_inc Resistant Increased Resistances.
accuracy_dec Clumsy Decreased accuracy (-20).
slow2 Slow Decreased attack speed.
explosion Explosive Explodes when destroyed, dealing damage to all.
+ If there is a + after an effect, this effect is stronger than normal (+40).

Base values for characters and companions

Character Companion
attack Attacj ATK Depends on weapon Individual
mattack Magic attack MATK Depends on weapon Individual
solidarity Solidarity SOL 0 0
mboost Magic boost MBOOST 0 0
wingfoot-2 Attack speed ATKSPD 100 Individual
checked-shield-2 Defense DEF 0 Individual
critical Critical chance CRIT 0 10
hearts Hit points HP 200 Individual
accurate Accuracy ACC 90 90
evasive Evasion EVA 10 10
resall_inc Resistances RES 100 or all elements Individual

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