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Your character

In the equipment screen you can find your character. Here you can see your name, your current rank and your avatar picture (you can change this for crystals by tapping on it). You can also see your arena badge as well as the current achievement badge and which equipment cards you are currently using.

Your character’s attributes depend solely on the equipment cards you use, and these in turn affect combat and your ability cards.
The current rank gives you a rough estimate of your character’s strength based on the cards you use.

:exclamation: In Requia Online there are no imaginary levels or other „invisible“ factors that influence your character!

Here is an overview of the 10 attributes:

attack Attack ATK Determines the base damage of your physical ability cards
mattack Magic attack MATK Determines the base damage of your magic ability cards
solidarity Solidarity SOL Boosts abilities and attributes of your companions.
mboost Magic boost MBOOST Boosts magic ability cards and its chance of not being resisted. This has no effect on magic damage, which is determined by magic attack. Magic boost mainly affects the strength of buffs/debuffs/heals and to increase their duration, or to reduce cast times.
wingfoot-2 Attack speed ATKSPD Your attack speed determines how fast your cards move across the screen. For companions, it also affects how fast you can perform an action again. However, it does not affect summoning or spell times.
checked-shield-2 Defense DEF Your defense value. It reduces the physical damage by exactly this value.
critical Critical chance CRIT Your chance to land a critical hit.
A critical hit doubles the damage of your direct physical and magic ability cards.
hearts Hit points HP Your life points. If they drop to 0, you are dead.
accurate Accuracy ACC Your physical chance to hit an enemy. This is calculated against the evasion of your enemy. Your actual physical hit chance = accuracy (YOURS) - evasion (ENEMY). Thus, a value above 100% increases the physical hit chance of enemies with high evasion.
resall_inc Resistances RES Your magic resistances of each element.
Influences the damage you take from magic and the chance of being hit with magic attacks or debuffs.

Which attribute also has an effect on certain ability cards can be seen with the individual cards.

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