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Crafting system

The crafting screen


In order to produce a card, the resources must first be placed on the 4 resource card slots. The position of the individual resources does not matter. As soon as the correct combination of cards and quantity is reached, a face-down card becomes visible in the center. This means that you have now found a possible recipe.

Excess cards are automatically removed at the start of production. If you have the multiple quantity of all required resources, you can also produce several cards in one production cycle (this is not possible for all recipes)

A crafting process can be completed at any time with the displayed chance of success. The time needed only indicates how long it will take until the chance of success reaches 100%. To complete the manufacturing process you always have to tap on „Finalize“ - even if the time has already expired. If you succeed, you will receive the card and have unlocked this recipe in the knowledge encyclopedia. So from now on you will see the produced item immediately and you can also few the required resources in your knowledge encyclopedia.


Depending on the recipe, you need different skills. The corresponding skill of a valid recipe is automatically highlighted and displayed. Each crafting process increases the experience in this skill and thus increases its level. The higher the level, the shorter the crafting time and the higher the chance to achieve a critical success.
A critical success causes either that you get the double amount, or e.g. with armor, weapons and jewelry, that you already get the blue version of it instead of green.

Base recipes & examples

Basic paper (processed resource)

5x =
Small healing potion (final product)
1x 5x 1x 1x =
Bronze shards (processed resource)
3x 1x =


  • Paper is always needed only for the final product, but not for processed resources (intermediate products).
  • Some products require resources cards from the NPC merchant.
  • When experimenting with recipes, always use multiple cards of a resource, as excess cards will not be used anyway.
  • By swapping individual resources, similar cards can usually be made.
  • Always wait with finishing until the chance of success has reached 100%, otherwise you risk a failure and go empty-handed.

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