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Everywhere in Aurelis you can find jobs, which can be used to find valuable resource cards. These resource cards can then be used in the crafting system in order to craft cards.

There are 5 different types of jobs:

gathering Gathering
lumbering Lumbering
mining Mining
hunting Hunting
herbalism Herbalism

Each type gives different resources. Which resources you get varies and depends on both the type of job and its workload among other players.

Labor points

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 22.32.16

Your labor skill indicates how many work points you have available in total and how many work points are currently being used. On the left are the free points, on the right how many you have in total. At the beginning you have only one point, but they will increase rapidly as you start working.

If you have free labor points, you can invest them in the various jobs. The more points you invest, the faster you get the resources mentioned there.

1 Punkt alle 60 Minuten
2 Punkte alle 30 Minuten
3 Punkte alle 20 Minuten
4 Punkte alle 15 Minuten
5 Punkte alle 12 Minuten
6 Punkte alle 10 Minuten

A maximum of 6 points can be invested per job.

Depending on the skill level for the job you choose (these also increase through use), you can store different amounts of resources there before you have to collect them.

You can release your work points at any time by quitting the job early, or by collecting the resources you have collected so far.

TIP: If you have more time (e.g. overnight) it is advisable to divide the points into different jobs instead of using them for only one job. Otherwise it would be much faster, but since the storage capacities are still very limited, especially in the beginning with lower skill levels, you would only waste the points.

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