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Auction house

After the auction house is opened from the main menu, a list of all available cards that can be purchased at the moment appears. The list is sorted by the most recent submission date. For searches all filters can be used as usual.


After a player submits a card to the auction house, it will be displayed with the bid icon for the first 24h.
If no one places a bid during this time, the buy-it-now option will become available for 6 days until the end of the auction.

If you touch/click on a card, you can see even more details.

Here you can see how long you can still bid on the card until it goes into buy-it-now mode. The minimum bid must always be the sellers specified price + 20%.

If no one has bid on the card in the first 24 hours, it can be purchased afterwards simply via the buy-it-now button at the specified price.

If you have already bid on a card, it will automatically appear at the bottom of the „Bidding“ section. You can either increase your bid or wait until the time has expired. It is not possible to see if someone else has already bid or how much the others have bid. After the time has expired, it is anonymously determined who was the highest bidder and thus won the auction - this is then displayed by means of the „Won“ („Won“) or „Outbid“ („Outbid“) stamp.

Now you can simply click/touch the card and use the take button
either get the won card, or if you lost, get back the money of the bid.


To sell cards in the auction house, you have to select „Sell“ on the right. Then you get an overview of all your cards. All filters can be used of course. Only cards that are not in an active deck or are currently being equipped can be selected here.

After that, simply click/touch the desired card and select the Sell button.
If there is more than 1 card of the same type, you must first enter the quantity you want to sell and then the desired price per card.

After that you will be prompted if you want to list the card at this price plus the 10% fee. If you confirm this, the card is immediately listed in the auction house.

All cards that are currently being sold are displayed below the Sell banner. As long as no one has bid on it, a card can also be removed from the AH.

If an auction has ended or a card has been bought via the buy-it-now function, you can see this here with the „Sold“ stamp. If the auction has expired after 7 days and no one has bid on the card, it will be displayed here as „Expired“.

To get the money of a sold card or to get the card back which is expired, just select the card and then confirm with the „Take“ button.


  • A maximum of 7 different cards can be listed in the auction house at the same time. You can also list stacked cards (e.g. resource cards → 50 pieces of logs…).
  • A fee of 10% of the selling price is charged for listing the card.
  • The desired selling price can only be set between 1 copper and a maximum of two times the total value of the card(s) (not higher!).
  • Cards listed for longer than 24h can be purchased immediately from the AH by the buyer paying the seller’s set price. A fee of 20% will be charged to the seller.
  • If a card is newly listed in the auction house, this card cannot be bought immediately by another player for the first 24h. During this time, however, each player can place any (!) anonymous maximum bid (minimum amount: sale price+20%). If there is at least one maximum bid after 24h, the highest bidder gets the card at his bid price.
    The seller gets the normal selling price (!), but saves the selling fee in this case.
    All other players who had placed bids will get their money back.
  • If the card is not sold within 7 days, it will be automatically removed from the AH.
  • As long as no one has bid on a card, the listing can be canceled at any time.
  • A submitted bid can not be withdrawn.
  • If the coins or the cards are not collected from the auction house within 7 days after sale/bid/expiration etc., they will expire!.

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