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With the event system, you can participate in weekly activities such as the

killing of monsters,
gathering of resources,
crafting of items,
delivery of cards,

and thus collect event points crystalsEvent, which you can then use to compete against each other in a leaderboard. Depending on how well you did, there will be a considerable reward of crystals and coins at the end of each event period for each participant.

The event period always takes place from Friday to the following Tuesday (exactly 5 days). After that you have 2 days (from Wednesday to Thursday) in order to collect the reward and prepare for the next event period, which starts again on Friday.

How it works

On the map use the event icon eventsButton to go directly to the event screen.

During an active event, you can view your current available tasks, how many event points you have already earned, and also view the current leaderboards.

The possible tasks are always dependent on your progress in the game and thus show only tasks that you can currently perform :+1:.

Once you have decided on a task, you can confirm it with the green ✓ button. As soon as you have completed the task and the time limit has not yet expired, you can collect the event points here.

:warning: Once a task has been accepted, it CANNOT be canceled.
:warning: Each task always has a time limit. If you have not reached the goal by the time limit, the task is finished and you will not receive any points for it.

After completing a task - no matter if passed or not - you will automatically receive a new random task again, so you always have a choice of X tasks.

You can always keep track of the current leaderboard via the left leaderboard tab, so you always know where you are standing.

The leaderboard will always show you the current rank as well as the expected reward at the end of the event period.

There are a total of 15 different ranks, which are divided among the players.
Rank 1, 2 and 3 can only be held by one person, all other ranks are then automatically divided over the entire players who have participated.

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