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Force & Elements
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Force & Elements

Light%20Full Water%20full Earth%20Full Dark%20Full Fire%20Full Air%20Full
Element of light Element of water Element of earth Element of darkness Element of fire Element of air

Basics - Force

Force is the physical counterpart to the Elements. Ability cards that require force can always be used immediately, provided you have collected enough force.

Rage2 This includes mainly physical attacks, but also buffs and debuffs, such as berserk, attack stance, etc…

Basic - Elements

Unlike the force, elements are needed for ability cards, which belong to the so-called spells and companions. These must always be prepared on a spell and companion slot before they can be used, provided that enough elements have been collected.

Here you can see the basic elemental wheel of Requia and thus the opposites of each element.

Light%20Full The element of light is the opposite of darkness. Its essential use are mainly for protection and healing and therefore include healing and protection spells, as well as companions who are dedicated to protection.
Water%20full The element of water is the opposite of fire. Its main use lie in the flow of energies and includes mainly spells & companions, which increase, for example, attack speed or accuracy, as well as silence, penetration of armor, etc…
Earth%20Full The element of earth is the opposite of air. Its essential use lie in the connection to the earth and thus serve to improve steadfastness and defense, but also slowing down, detoxifying or regenerating are included…
Dark%20Full The element of darkness is the opposite of light. Its main use are mainly dedicated to death and the pain associated with it. It contains mainly spells & companions, which are dedicated to drain, poison, blind but also to increase critical damage…
Fire%20Full The element of fire is the opposite of water. Its main use are mainly for destruction. It contains not only the strongest attack spells, but also the strongest buffs to inflict even more damage.
Air%20Full The element of air is the opposite of earth. Its essential use lie in the ability to fly. It includes various strengthening and weakening spells, mainly spells & companions that allow flying and thus provides protection against any physical attacks.

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