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In Requia Online there are several kind of card types.

We distinguish:

Each of these cards comes in 3 different rarity grades:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare

Equipment and ability cards can be improved by enchanting with duplicate cards. There are 10 levels (LVL) of enchantment.

Ability cards

What are ability cards?
Ability cards are the base of your deck. There are 274 ability cards in the first edition „Taresh I“, which are divided into 7 categories:

  • Force cards (Gewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Element cards (Gewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Neutral cards (Gewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Force based cards (Gewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Element based cards (Gewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Companions (Ungewöhnlich and Rare)
  • Companion buffs (Gewöhnlich and Rare)

How can they be acquired?
As usual in a collectible card game, these can be purchased in the store with crystals as card packs, or acquired in-game through achievements, daily quests, with crystals from arena or the events etc.

Each card pack always contains 6 ability cards consisting of:

  • 1 element card
  • 1 additional force/element card or a common card
  • 60% chance to get 4 common cards
  • 29% chance to get 1 companion + 3 common cards
  • 10% chance to get 1 rare card + 3 common cards
  • 1% chance to get 2 rare cards + 2 common cards

Ability card differences

  • Force cards
    These give you force to use the force-based cards. They also usually have an additional short-lived buff, which, if timed correctly, can give you a decisive advantage in battle.

  • Element cards
    These give you the appropriate element to use the element-based cards like spells and companions.

  • Neutral ability cards
    These are ability cards, such as „Simple Strike“, which require neither power nor an element beforehand. They can therefore always be used immediately.

  • Force based ability cards
    These are ability cards that require at least one „force“ before they can then be used immediately.

  • Element based ability cards
    These are ability cards such as spells and companions that require at least one element before they can be drawn to a spell/companion slot in order to get cast or summoned.

    Companions can be summoned like spells in a spell/companion slot and remain there until they are either replaced by another spell or a companions dies.
    Companion buffs
    In principle, these are normal spells, the effect of which is intended only for companions. Their advantage is that their effect is stronger and, above all, lasts longer than ordinary spells.

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 21.37.20

While the upper right corner of an ability card shows the force or element cost, the upper left corner shows how many times a card can appear in a deck. The blue EN symbol means that this ability card can also be enchanted and upgraded.

Since in Requia Online the card values are dynamic, you can see through the detailed card view which values are dependent on certain character attributes - these are displayed as superscript.

Equipment cards

What are equipment cards?
Equipment cards determine the attributes (e.g. health points, hit chance…) of your character and thus influence the values of your ability cards, among other things. They also determine the rank of your character, which reflects the rough strength based on your equipment cards.

How can they be acquired?
Unlike ability cards, these can only be found in-game through quest rewards, loot from monsters, purchase from NPC merchants via coins, or even in treasure chests.

In Requia Online there are different types of equipment that support different play styles and decks:

  • Weapon types
    Swords - high physical attack, low magic attack
    Staffs - high magic attack, low physical attack
    Scepters - balanced pyhsical and magic attack, as well as additional magic boost

  • Armor types
    Cloth - increases magic boost (important for spells)
    Leather - increases solidarity (important for companions)
    Metall - increases defense

  • Jewerly
    increases different attributes

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 21.31.33

Depending on what equipment is worn, the values of your ability cards will also change. You can see which values are dependent on which attributes in the detailed descriptions of ability cards - these are displayed as superscript.

Item cards

What are item cards?
The main feature of item cards is that they disappear after they are used. That is, you can only use them once.

There are both item cards that you can use directly in the equipment screen (e.g. Potion of Life), but also cards that you can add to your deck (e.g. Elixirs and Healing Potions…). If these are used during the battle, they will be used up. However, if you still have enough of the same item card available in your inventory, they will be automatically refilled for the next battle.

How can they be acquired?
Item cards can be found through quest rewards, loot from monsters, purchase from NPC merchants via coins, or in treasure chests. Furthermore, it is possible to craft item cards yourself.

Resource cards

What are resource cards?
Resource cards are the basis for the crafting system.

They are divided into 3 groups.

  • Natura resources
    These can be found mainly in the world and they can be collected by means of the labor system both offline and online. An example of this is wood and bronze shards.

  • Processed resources
    Subsequently, processed resources can then be created from the natural resources such as the paper or bronze ingots.

  • Buyable resources
    Some recipes require additional special resources, which have to be bought from NPC merchants, e.g. the glass bottle for various healing potions or elixirs…